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Multi-Tech External Device Networking Products


 Multi-Tech has taken modem connectivity to a new level. Introducing our new line of device networking solutions, this comprehensive product line includes familiar MultiModem modems as well as a new generation of cellular wireless modems and device servers. These device networking solutions connect virtually any serial device to the Internet or IP network for remote monitoring, control and configuration. Whether you want to connect via analog or ISDN dial-up, cellular wireless, Bluetooth wireless, or Ethernet we have a solution. Multi-Tech makes device networking both easy and affordable.


External Wireless Modems
MultiModem?GPRS and MultiModem?CDMA : A complete, ready-to-deploy, external data/fax/voice wireless modem.


External Modems
MultiModemII : Mission-critical corporate data/fax modems (sync or async interface) for communication over a dial-up, 2-wire leased, or 4-wire leased phone line.
MultiModemZBA : Desktop data/fax modems for business communication over a dial-up or 2-wire leased phone line.
MultiModemUSB : Desktop data/fax modems with a USB interface for PC-based data and fax communication over a dial-up phone line.
MultiModemZDX : Basic desktop data/fax modems (some models support voice) for communication over a dial-up phone line.
MultiModem?IND : Industrial temperature V.92 external modem designed for rugged industrial and outdoor applications.
MultiModemDID : Direct Inward Dial (DID) Modem with V.92 datacomm and Super G3 fax
MultiModemDSVD : V.70 simultaneous voice-and-data modems
MultiMobileUSB : Portable data/fax modems with a USB interface for data and fax communication over a dial-up phone line.
MultiModem : Bell 202T modem for low-speed datacom over private leased lines
ZDXModemRack : Rackmount chassis for up to twelve
BA Rack : 1U high 19-inch equipment shelf for one or two standalone Multi-Tech products in the BA-style chassis


Internal Modems
MultiModemZPX : ISA- and PCI-bus data/fax modems(some models support voice) for basic data and fax communication over a dial-up phone line.


ISDN Modems
MultiModemISDN : Desktop ISDN modems for North American or EURO-ISDN basic rate service.


External Device Servers
MultiConnect SE : A complete, ready-to-deploy, serial-to-Ethernet device server for IP connectivity
MultiConnect SS : The MultiConnect serial-to-serial device server enables installed serial devices to connect to the Internet via dial-up or wireless modems


Rackmount Modems
CC1600-Series Rackmount Modems : Rackmount modem system for up to 16 modems.

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