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IT Support Services 1. Outsourcing & Support Planning
Overview With the existence of strong PC/LAN/WAN/Internet/Intranet support experience of our system engineers & IT consultants, most of the on-site user support function currently carried out by your company’s IT team will be off-loaded by our dedicated on-site engineers. The existing IT team will then focus on internal application development, and the overall monitoring of services delivered to end users of your company. Supporting Structure Since our engineers have already been serving many big companies. We understand the practice and requirement of the organization. The on-site user support in the PC/LAN/WAN/Internet/Intranet area will then be taken up directly by our on-site System Engineer. Working Procedures United Networks will assign dedicated on-site System Engineers to standby at the service desk during normal office hours. Dispatch of on-site service call will be either through phone or the online call logging system. Engineer will log down service call according to the priority rating. Engineer will take the ownership of the call. Until the user agrees that the incident has been completely resolved or the support engineer and user have determined that no further resolution can be reached. Call status will be log back to the online system before logging to the next call. In addition, engineer will make use of the time between next call is available by follow-up call. Checking back with the user to make sure the resolution was successful. Service Hours All jobs will be proceeded during office hours.
Monday to Friday : 09:00 to 18:00 Excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
Scope of Services Desktop user support, which includes hardware break fix and software problems, LAN/WAN/Internet/Intranet connectivity, related supports.
  • Problem Call Solving System Flow Chart

2. Other Value Added Services At United Networks we bring additional value to our customer. We believe these services not only benefit our customers they differentiate us as the long term partner to our customer’s success.
2.1 Scheduling Individual Support Engineer If more than one-support engineers are required, we will actively participate in better planning the outsourcing resources. Stagger shifts, having some staff arrive earlier and some stay later, so that resources could be fully optimize during peak hours. 2.2 Ongoing Monitoring We will be pro-actively monitor and refine the skills of the on-site support engineers. We use a training model called performance-based training. The goal is to use training, when appropriate, to improve job performance. We can define the performance need as the need for support engineers to effectively assist users with questions and problems on new or upgraded software or hardware. 2.3 Reports Every successful organization needs to consolidate, analyze, and present the data it has collected in a useful form. We will focus on individual engineer activities that will help to understand users. Reports will be in the following areas:
  • Overall actives in different intervals (volume, types, and so on)
  • Performance; that is, how effective the engineer is in delivering solutions
  • Changes and trends over time
  • Engineers productivity and goals
2.4 Hardware Installation
  • Install PC on LAN based on the procedure provided by your company
  • All the hardware installation request will acknowledge to the users within two hours for the booking of hardware installation appointment
  • Fill in hardware installation log sheet and will be counter sign by requester for acceptance
2.5 Hardware Parts Replenishment
  • Manage all the hardware parts replenishment with suppliers
  • Provide loan parts or temporary loaner unit if replenishment parts from supplier takes over 2 weeks
  • Updated outstanding reports for monitoring
2.6 Hardware/Software Help Desk Service
  • Provide a central point of contact
  • Provide front end support to users
  • Distribute the service request to the responsible person
  • Follow up status of the service request
3. Optional Services
We also provide the following outsourcing services:
3.1 Preventive Maintenance & Inventory Checkup
  • Provide PC equipment preventive maintenance twice a year, service including hardware checkup, anti-virus scanning, floppy drive head cleaning and printer cleanup.
  • Provide inventory-checking service with updated report.
3.2 Equipment Relocation Service
  • Provide equipment relocation within 48 hours notification
  • Service includes labeling, packing, disconnection, relocation, re-connection, connectivity test of PCs & Printers and transportation (when applicable).
4. More Options
Other kind of service requirements can be chosen by our customers below:
1) Service Call counted by Hour 2) Service Call counted by Problem [Token] 3) Service Call counted by Day 4) Service Call by Year Maintenance [For Server Only]
For pricing of the above services, please kindly contact us at any time.
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