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Company History


1984-1993 (Non Profit), 1993 (In Japan & Korea), 1999 (In Hong Kong)


Room 811, 8/F, Block C, Bell House, 525-543 Nathan Road, YauMaTei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


United Networks is one Hosting & Cloud Services Provider, Data Center, MultiTech China Distributor and Developer of i-Fax.


1984-1993: Setup & promoted “Hong Kong Net” BBS Network (belonging to Fidonet Hong Kong under International Fidonet mentioned in this link ) in order to serve all Hong Kong people before Internet had become popular. This non-profitable BBS network was introduced by TVB, Ming Po, ComputerWorld & other newspapers/magazines…etc in past, 20 years ago.)

1994-1995: Developed ColorFax, Japanese Web Browser & MultiMedia Network in Japan (introduced by one Japanese Newspaper)

1996-1998: Promoted free Internet-based BBS network like current social networks (introduced by Computer Age Magazine)

1999-2010: Developed i-Router, i-Server, i-Clustering System, i-Fax products, VoIP, eCommerce and Linux solutions …etc in Hong Kong (introduced by different issues of LinuxPilot and other magazines/newspapers).

2011-2015: Set up United Networks Data Center to provide Server Colocation, eCommerce & Cloud Services (introduced by LinuxPilot in July 2011)

2015-Now: Develop ABCDEI solutions (AI, Big Data & Blockchain, Cloud & Communications, Data Center Related, IoE, IoT, AIoT …etc) for SmartHome, SmartCity & Business usages. Set up one Intelligent Shop for demonstrations for products, services & solutions developed by our group. Setup Smart Cities in Japan & other countries in Asia …etc with our developed products, services & solutions …etc.

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Company Mission

We make innovative products and services for all people.


2003-2011 (9 Years Continuously): Best Linux Communications Server Award (by LinuxPilot)

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(852) 2119 0876

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(852) 2199 2880

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Data Center Related Services http://www.unitednets.net

IT Products & Solutions: http://www.unitednet.com.hk

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