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Fax Machine No paper makes you miss important faxes?
What is the waste of paper ?
The traditional method of faxing is easy to lose the true document, and sometimes it is more difficult to read the private documents of the same person.
. Now the Internet Service Center can help solve these problems. Fax to e-mail service, fax and electronic
Mailboxes can be combined to save the cost of the fax machine, and you can avoid being turned over by private people.
If you want to go to the world, you can get the fax at any time, and you can break through the time and time.
Between the limits.

Strengthen the communication and contact with the outside
Wherever, at any time, just open the e-mail, you can receive the fax from someone else.
Piece , ten minutes
No need to purchase a fax machine or rent a fax phone line, true
More for you
The quality of the faxes printed on the computer is generally better.
Real machine reception effect is excellent
No matter whether you are traveling or doing business, you don’t have to worry about mistakes.
Really, you can also receive your private fax in the office, and you can rely on it.
Use the computer to check the fax, no need to eliminate the paper, absolutely
Environmental protection
We will provide a personal fax number – no need to press
Installed telephone line
Fax is sent directly to your email – support TIF/
Acrobat PDF/ GIF

suitable for some people who are often out, SOHO, small and large companies, and multinational companies
Industry and individuals

Basic Plan
Service PlanSOHO planBasic planExcellence ProgramHigh usage plan
monthly feeHKD20-HKD38-HKD58-HKD68-
Pages per month80 pages200 pages400 pages600 pages
Private Fax Number
Personal favorite settings
Management platform
Control Panel
Fax Finder
Fax Backup
Fax Auto Classification
Monthly Fax Report
Fax Forwarding and Printing
Virtual Office
Automatic reply
Fax Monitoring
Send a fax
Can view faxes online
Support for multiple languages
Can be connected to multiple email address
Fax file format TIF/PDF/GIF
Extra PagesEvery page
HK$ 0.3
Every page
HK$ 0.1
Every page
HK$ 0.1
Every page
HK$ 0.1

All service plans use a parallel load server to ensure that faxes are not lost.


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