United Network Solution – Big Data Division

Advent of the Internet of Everything from 2018

Our Company Future Directions

Smart city

We strive to build Hong Kong into a world class smart city, through adopting the measures set out in this Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IOT) is believed to be the Second Digital Revolution or the next industrial revolution in which manufactured and engineered products have the “digital world” completely embedded throughout them.

Block Chain

Distributed Ledger Technology, is about to change all aspects of digital business and blockchain is a bigger deal than the Internet. Combine blockchain and IoT and you have two bigger deals than the Internet who need eachother for numerous reasons we explain in this IoT blockchain overview.

A B C D E constitutes the current Internet world and its future development directions in an important order!

A means AI
B means Big Data
C refers to Cloud & Communications
D means Data Center
E refers to eBusinesses (eTrade, eCommerce ... etc.), Internet of Everything (IoE, enhanced version of IoT)

We have completed the CD (now we have provided such services to users), and ABE is the goal of the United Network in the coming year and the general direction of development! Ubisoft hopes to build an AI cloud artificial intelligence database center similar to Skynet. Skynet and provide further services for today's smart cities and future Internet of Things! Let the U.N. network join us for the era of ABCDE!