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Office and Productivity

Windows appsLinux appsDescription
Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.orgKingsoft(WPS-Community), OpenOffice, KOffice (now Calligra), Siag Office, Libre OfficeOffice package
WordOOWriter, AbiWord, KWord, LaTeXWord Processing
Notepad, Wordpad, TheGun, EditPlus, SciTE

Vim, KWrite, Kate, BlueFish, Gedit, Joe, Sublime Text, Leafpad, Nano

Text Editors
Access, dBase, Foxpro, ParadoxKexi, OOBaseDatabase
Excel, Lotus123, QuattroProOOCalc, KSpread,gnumericSpreadsheet
VisioKivio, yedDiagramming
PowerPointOOImpressPresentation software
Microsoft Project ManagerImendio Planner, Kplato, MOOS Project Viewer, MrProjectProject management
Outlook, Thunderbird + Lightning, SunbirdKontact, BALSA, Thunderbird + Lightning, SunbirdPersonal information managers
Alcohol 120%, Discjuggler, Easy CD Creator, Nero Burning ROM

K3b, XCDRoast, more

CD burning
Quicken, Microsoft Money, TurboTaxGnucAsh, KMyMoney, CrossOver Office with Quicken, lazy8ledgerAccounting


Synchronization with Windows Mobile devices
WinEdt, TeXnicCenterKile, Texmaker, LyXLaTeX IDEs
Veritas Backup Exec, Cobian Backup

UniSon, Veritas Netbackup, more

Google Desktop

Beagle, Recoll, Google Desktop

Desktop Search
Norton Ghost

Partition Image, g4u, Mondo, dd

Disk imaging
Norton Partition Magic

QTparted, GParted

Disk partitioning
Disk Size ExplorerFile Light, KonquerorDisk usage analyzers
Filemon, Regmonsyscalltracksystem call tracking (file monitor & others)
WinMerge, SyncToy

Meld, Unison, Synkron, rSync

File synchronization
Windows Update, Add/Remove programs

apt-get, Aptitude, portage, rpm, urpmi, yast, yum, Synaptic

Every Linux distribution has an infrastructure to manage installed software which is quite different from Windows. For instance, all updates are handled by a single program. See package management.
WinRunnerxautomationautomating interactive applications
7-Zip, Winzip, Winrar

Karchiver, File Roller, ark, hjsplit; command line tools

chkdskfsckcheck your file system (and the hard disk beneath it) for errors
Daemon Tools

mount, GMount-ISO

ISO mounting
DisclibgWhereDisk cataloging programs

Desktop Publishing

Windows appsLinux appsDescription
Dreamweaver, NVU, KompoZer

OOWeb, Google Web Designer more

Web Design
Quark, Quark Express, Microsoft Publisher


DTP software
Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader, Xpdf, Kpdf, Ghostview, Evince; more

PDF readers
Adobe Acrobat Distiller, PDFCreator

CUPS-PDF, OpenOffice.org, kprinter — can convert to pdf. more

PDF authoring
Adobe Acrobat PDF editor

pdftk, pdfedit, pdfjam, pdf studio, more

PDF editing tools

xSane, VueScan


boomaga, page-crunch, mpage, Kprinter, psnup/PSutils, pdfnup/PDFjam

Document printing/reformatting tools


Windows appsLinux appsDescription
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Chrome, Lynx, etc.

Firefox, Konqueror, Netscape, ChroMe, Opera, more

web Browsers
Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Pegasus, Lotus Notes

Kontact, Evolution, Thunderbird

Email clients.
ICQ, MSN Messenger, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Trillian, Pidgin

PidgIn, Kopete, aMSN, Emesene (MSN), Centericq

Instant messaging software.
Microsoft Netmeeting


Microsoft HyperTerminal


FileZilla FTP Client, WS FTP, Bullet Proof FTP, CuteFTP

FileZilla FTP Client, KFTP (KFTPGrabber), Kasablanca, FireFTP, Konqueror, KBear, CrossFTP, Nautilus

FTP clients. Note that dedicated FTP clients are rarely needed on Linux, since the default file manager can usually browse FTP shares. Several GNOME programs can directly open and edit files on FTP, SFTP and WebDAV shares.

Konversation, Quassel, KVIrc, XChat, PidgIn, BitchX

IRC Clients
UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, Remote Desktop

TightVNC, RealVNC, rdesktop, FreeNX, x11vnc, Synergy, XDMCP, SSH with X11 forwarding (-X or -Y option)

Desktop Sharing


Forte Free Agent, Thunderbird, Pan

Thunderbird, Pan, See More Clients Here

News Reader (Usenet newsgroups)


ED2K P2P network clients
Azureus, utorrent

Azureus, Qtorrent, Ktorrent, bittornado

BitTorrent P2P network clients
Skype, Voipbuster

Skype, Linphone, OPenwenGo, Ekiga

VOIP software
Bitvise Tunnelier


gSTM is a front-end for managing SSH-tunneled port redirects.


Windows appsLinux appsDescription
IIS, Apache

Apache, Engine-X, lighttpd

Web Servers
Folder sharing, printer sharing


Share files and printers between Windows and Linux systems. Installed by default on most distributions.
IIS, FileZilla FTP Client & Servervsftpd, pure-ftpdFTP servers, for hosting files.

Trickle, Level 7 Filter, ClarkConnect, Bandwidth Arbitrator, MasterShaper

Bandwidth shaping and management.

Citadel, zimbra, Open-Xchange

Groupware (sharing of appointments, contacts, e-mail, documents, etc. between members of a group)


Manage and secure documents, collaborate around document creation and editing, full document contents indexing
Norton/McAfee Antivirus, ClamWin, AVG, AntiVir

ClamAV, AVG Antivirus, Avast Home for Linux

Antivirus software.
ZoneAlarm , Sygate SPF

Guarddog, Firestarter, GUFW, iptables

Firewall software


Windows appsLinux appsDescription
Adobe Photoshop,Corel Photo-Paint, GIMP, GIMPShop

GIMP, GIMPShop, Krita, Pixel (non-free high quality), LightZone (non-free high quality)

Raster graphics editors
Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator


Vector graphics editors
Irfanview, ACDSee

XnView, GQView, Mirage, GThumb

Image viewers
3D Studio MAX, Blender, Maya

Blender, Maya, Softimage, K-3D

3D modeling software
Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, CATIAFreeCAD, SALOME platformProfessional 3D CAD software
Windows Media Player, PowerDVD

MPlayer, Xine, Totem, Kaffeine, VLC

Video Players
SIA Smaart LiveBRP-PACUSound analysis
Winamp, Sonique, iTunes, aTunes

amaroK, aTunes, XMMS, noatun, RhythmBox, xine will play aac and wma, Banshee

Music Players
OTSAV, OTS Turntables, Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ, PC DJ, Mixxx, UltraMixerMixxx, UltraMixerAudio & video play out (DJ/presenter)
Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Elements,Multiquence

Cinelerra (difficult but very professional), KDenlive (easy and powerful), Blender, LiVES, Kino, AviDemux

Video Editors
Audacity, Cubase, CoolEdit, GoldWave,Cakewalk/Sonar

Ardour, Rosegarden, Audacity, GNUsound, Beast

Digital audio workstation software
Audio Catalyst, dbpoweramp, CDex

Grip, Audacity

Audio Editors

kmid, kmidi, Rosegarden

NoteWorthy Composer, MuseScore, LilyPond


Musical score typesetting
GuitarPro, TuxGuitar


Guitar tablature editors
Microsoft Paint, Kid Pix, Tux Paint

TuxpAint, KolourPaint

Basic raster painting programs


Video converter
TMPGEnc DVD Author, Roxio DVDit

Bombono DVD

DVD authoring software


Windows appsLinux appsDescription
 KTouchTouch typing tutors
Maple, MathematicaMaple, Mathematica, MaximaComputer algebra systems

Matlab, Octave, SciLab, Sage, KAlgebra

High level numeric computation environments
SPSS, Stata, EViews

R-project, Stata, PSPP, S-Plus, Gretl

Statistical analysis


Verilog Simulator
Google Earth, NASA World Wind, Celestia, Stellarium

Google Earth, Celestia, Stellarium, Marble, Geody

Geography and astronomy
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