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Welcome to Hong Kong’s Preferred Hosted PBX

  • United Networks Hong Kong offers a Hong Kong Hosted PBX (also known as Hong Kong Virtual PBX or Hong Kong Cloud PBX) services to businesses. This comprehensive business phone system runs on AstraQom’s patented global Qloud9 VoIP network architecture. This architecture allows users to connect remotely from around the world to one of our nearest servers. With VoIP technology, it is important to have users close to servers to maintain good quality. AstraQom has the most elaborate network to support such.
  • Today, the world of business is changing. It is not unusual to have all your staff working from the same location and not unusual either to have staff working for you from all over the world. It is also common to connect to your office phone system using your mobile app. In order to have good quality and reliable service whether you are travelling in the office dealing with remote workers or simply connecting to your colleague in the same office, our virtually hosted PBX offers flexibility without sacrificing quality.
  • Our Hong Kong Virtual PBX offers all the advantages of a traditional PBX system, but bypasses the various challenges businesses face in hosting and managing an internal PBX, while still utilizing a secure, global network. Simple to install, it uses your business broadband connection and VoIP technology to access the unique features of our innovative Hosted VoIP platform.
  • With United Netwoks’ Hong Kong Cloud PBX, incoming calls will always be answered via flexible options including call forwarding, hunt groups, answering service, auto-attendant or voicemail. Our network, located across Hong Kong, has all the features you need to keep in touch with your customers and to grow your business. An United Netwoks Hong Kong Virtual PBX gives you the professional image you want when communicating with customers and suppliers. Talk to our experts today!