United Network Solution – Big Data Division

Our main service is like a Hong Kong company. The web design is based on the CMS content management system and is installed in the web hosting space of your designated domain. Powerful and comprehensive, highly scalable, easy to DIY to update content without the need for fake hands, customizable animation pictures or videos for slideshows, support for SEO website optimization, GA traffic analysis, Adwords advertising remarketing, and high scalability.

Modern websites have certain standards and need to be built on a content management system that separates data and program code. The administrator can easily and quickly edit the page layout or content through the browser. No need to install any software, support multiple people to log in to the background management with different identities. In general, web pages are created or updated without knowing how to write HTML code.

A one-time fee and the ownership of the website belongs to you. We use the best web templates from around the world to help our customers reduce costs while achieving the best quality, and introduce industry templates to simplify website design to meet the specific needs of each industry. Today’s website is the company’s content marketing platform to attract customers. We provide training to help clients manage their websites in a DIY manner, providing professional guidance on how to do SEO optimization and website promotion. Web Design The CMS system includes:

  • Easy to operate: Non-IT people can build professional websites as long as they understand basic word processing.
  • Unlimited webs: Add unlimited pages, images, and menus.
  • Restore protection: Automatically record the last update, letting you restore your last production.
  • Multi-user management: Configure multiple administrators and permissions to manage different categories.
  • Design Professional: Create unique and advanced corporate website design with professional templates.
  • Support for mobile phones: The responsive Responsive Layout layout supports mobile tablets.
  • Easy to manage: No need to install any web authoring software to log in to the background update anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to update: Use your phone’s app (apps) to update your webpage.
  • Multi-language: Support English, Traditional Chinese webpage language switching.
  • Full-featured: Available with Google Maps, e-Form, Calendar, Blog advanced features.
  • Comprehensive promotion: Can be combined with social media such as Facebook and YouTube for diversification.
  • Search Optimization: Support SEO search engine optimization to make your site more searchable.
  • High security: Anti-hacking mechanisms enhance website security.
  • Great flexibility: Add plug-ins as needed to expand your site’s functionality.
  • Training courses: Provide training to help customers manage and promote their websites in DIY.
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